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Dog lover, Coffee addict and a shameless 90s music enthusiast (probably not the good kind)

With that out the way, it’s time we chatted about who I am, what I do and why I’m here. More importantly how I can transform your wedding through my floral designs.  Because the magic of flowers is real and together we can create something show stopping.

In my previous life, I’ve been an events planner for a small wedding venue and worked for several years in corporate recruitment.  I spent a lot of time building other people’s dreams, be that their career or wedding. I loved it but I didn’t think about what I wanted.  As with all these things having children helped me take a step back.  One thing I did know is that I loved weddings, organising mine and others.

When I got married my choice of wedding flowers was quite limited and very traditional. I couldn’t find the look I wanted which was natural, relaxed and beautiful.  I knew there were lots of couples out there that felt the same way and that I could become that florist.  I specialise in natural, timeless and beautiful wedding and event floristry.  

Growing up on a farm I pretty much lived outside. I would be out all day playing in the fields, woods and building dams in the brook. It was idyllic and in my memories, it was always warm and sunny!  I want to bring the same sense of freedom and nature to your wedding, for you to have that beautiful memory of your wedding day. Seeing one of your wedding flowers in future years will take you right back to that day and moment.

Organising your wedding flowers shouldn’t be the hard part, it should be the fun and creative part and I’m here to make the experience great for you!

‘Jemma was our wedding florist and I could not recommend her highly enough.  She listened to our ideas and really got to know us and what we wanted. No surprises that on the day our flowers were absolutely perfect. They fully encapsulated our theme and they really were a highlight for our guests’


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Smithills, Bolton



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