Yay, You’re engaged – Congratulations! If you’ve come to my site then welcome.  Here’s a bit more information about how we go about creating those beautiful, stylish relaxed wedding flowers you’ve always wanted.

  1. Friendly Chat – I encourage an initial telephone call to glean some information and make sure we are the right match for you.  Feel free to email photos, magazine clippings, Pinterest walls or anything that inspires you.
  1. Free Workshop – Our design workshop is where we get to know you and work together on the look and feel of your wedding. To understand the inspiration behind your dream day, the things you love and the things you have already got planned.
  1. Quote and Mood Board-I will then put a quote together based on your exact requirements.  You then say ‘Yes Please Forage’ There will be a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your booking. A comprehensive, inspirational Mood Board is then put together of images and textures, creating the perfect representation of you and your wedding. I’m available to you to talk through designs and logistics, helping and easing any worries you may have.
  1. About 2 months before the wedding we will meet again at the venue and finalise everything that has been discussed. It’s a really exciting stage as we get to visualise the whole look together and really start to see the planning come into place. I will talk through exactly where everything will be going and can answer any last minute logistics questions you may have.
couple walking off in the distance
  1. Wedding day -Finally the day has arrived and it’s time to let us get to work creating your wedding day with the aim of exceeding your expectations.  I only take on one wedding per weekend so you have my skills and expertise exclusively. Relax and enjoy the day ahead, believe me it is the best day of your life!

I hope this helps and reassures you on your wedding floral journey. Our aim is to exceed your expectations, create and design your flowers to truly represent you.

Jemma x

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