Bespoke Bouquet 

Every week I’ll be delivering my ‘Bouquet of the Week’ in and around Smithills. The bouquets are filled with beautiful seasonal blooms and added foraged goodies.  As I’m a studio florist I’m limited to how much stock I can keep, hence the weekly bouquet.

Pre-order by 5pm on Tuesdays for Friday/Saturday free delivery. Prices start at £15 for small posy.

It’s been a pretty tough time all round for everyone and that includes Forage.  With weddings being postponed for the foreseeable future it has been difficult to see the woods for the trees in terms of where the business is going.  I MISS FLOWERS TOO MUCH!

That’s why I’ve decided to set up a bespoke flower delivery service in Smithills, giving you a tiny slice of flower heaven, either for you or as a perfect gift.

A lot of flowers are grown specifically for major events and the wedding season and sadly everything has of course been cancelled.  All that planting and growing took place way before the pandemic hit. So us lucky florists have access to so many top grade blooms we would have used solely for weddings and events. I want to bring those flowers to you.

All deliveries are contactless.

Thanks again for all your support and stay safe.

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