Mixed colour ranunculus

As a florist I’m always thinking about colour, it inspires my work and sparks my creativity.  Colour helps create depth and interest whilst also complimenting every element of design.  So even when you think you’re going for a ‘no colour’ design there are actually many different layers of muted colour to create the look you want.  As you may already know I’m a fan of muted colour schemes, I find them classic and romantic and I often use different foliage, berries and twigs to create interest.

However, in this blog post, I want to talk colour, colour, colour, because, do you know what the last year has been pretty drab and I think we’re heading into a period of parties and celebrations and what says that better than anything is bright, daring and vibrant colours.  Colours make you feel, it gives us energy and a sense of being alive and most importantly Joy.

basket of flowers
Using dark and light colours to bring the design to life

How can you incorporate colour into your wedding or event?  It can be done in several ways, it could be literally your favourite colour or it could be a feeling and what colour you associate that feeling to be – that could be the whole inspiration for your wedding.  I’m going to walk you through 3 different key colour schemes in design (there are more) these are the ones I think can work really well for weddings and events.


This is when we use two colours directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.  At its most basic, it is one primary colour and the secondary colour created using the other two primaries.  So for example the complementary colour to red is green (a mixture of blue and yellow) If you were having an Autumn event this scheme would work particularly well, using variations of green with deep dark red tones.

panatone colour wheel

Accent Colour

This is when one colour is used for emphasis, it works well with the classic combination of green and white – you would predominantly go for white and cream with a green accent and it will make the green really pop out.  This can easily be used with other colour combinations as well.


Now, this is really where the fun is at and believe me it’s not easy to get the balance right, but when you do it’s magical.  Rainbow is when we use all the colours in the colour wheel.  It’s bold, fun and really makes an impact.  I find when you use all the colours it works so well and can really balance your designs.  You can go wild with your ribbons not really having to think ‘will it go’ because it just will as long as we’re working with the right hue. You might want to also look at monochromatic and transitional schemes as they can be fun as well.  I was also taught that actually, all colours do go together, it’s just getting the balance right and working with light and dark tones.

Big Bright and bold bridal bouquet

If you’re ever stuck look at nature, she does a pretty good job of showing you what works! So, if you’re thinking of having a bright and bold wedding please do get in touch and we can talk about all things colour.


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