Dried Wedding Flowers

There has been a growing trend for dried wedding flowers for a while now.  It started with pampas (which doesn’t seem to be slowing down) mixed with fresh. Now more and more couples are opting for the natural, eclectic and delicate look of dried flowers, offering a different look to your traditional heavy bloomed floral wedding.

Dried wedding flowers

Before I got into this wonderful world of flowers, when I thought of dried flowers I would think of those terrible early 90s pot pouri bowls that stank! or something my grandma might have had on a dresser with a doily. (That’s a slight exaggeration, my grandma was a cool, gin-drinking Dunhill smoker, not a twee dried flower in sight) You get my gist though.

How wrong was I?

They are stunning, delicate and special, they seem to transform into a completely different entity when they dry. Dried flowers lend themselves to a very earthy and natural vibe.  Their muted tones, often in beige’s, soft pinks blues and whites perfectly complement a rustic style farm or woodland wedding.

Despite the obvious that they’re super pretty, they’re long-lasting and more sustainable if sourced right reducing your carbon footprint.  Bonus you get to keep them and they are great little gifts for guests after the wedding.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are cheaper though, I would say they are on par with the cost of fresh.  As florists, we have to use more stems to create a more full look and they are delicate and sometimes tricky to deal with.  That being said you do get to keep them at the end.dried wedding flowers

With good care, your dried flowers will last for years.  They’re easy to take care of, keep them out of direct sunlight and don’t handle them too much.  You could also look at having them box framed for your wall – Gorgeous!

If you’re looking for different ideas for your wedding flowers get in touch jemma@foragefloristry.co.uk

Jemma x

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