How to Forage Responsibly

Forage responsibly and sustainably and always stay safe.  Here is my guide to Foraging for those nature lovers, Ivy enthusiasts and wild at heart people – My people!

Ive and hellebore
  • Always have a set of secateurs in your glove box, the amount of times I’ve been caught out by this and missed some great foraging opportunities is upsetting! to my credit I do have 2 young inquisitive children so leaving them anywhere in reach is dangerous – so there’s another tip!
Foraged goodies
  • Never take more than you need, don’t be greedy! Stick to paths so you’re not trampling on anything and don’t pull anything up from the roots.  Snip responsibly.  
  • Use all of what you consume – share it with me
  • Seek permission, some places may require you to ask for permission, sites such as The Woodland Trust/National Trust.  If you’re on farmland it’s polite to ask the farmer – As a farmers daughter I know they won’t mind but they would if you didn’t ask.
ox eye daisy meadow in summer
  • Know what you’re picking, you don’t want to be picking anything dangerous/poisonous. There are some great apps out there to help identify plants.
  • As tempting as it can be, don’t pick anything from someone’s garden!

If you have any tips you would like to share let me know and tag me in any of your foraged finds!

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