Wedding tips:

Here is a top wedding tip to take the stress out of your big day. I’ve designed lots of buttonholes for Grooms and Groomsmen and pretty much most of the time they have no idea how a buttonhole goes onto a lapel or where.  Here are a few quick tips on where and how to attach a buttonhole.

A buttonhole should be placed on the left lapel of a man’s suit and rest horizontally.  

Lay it flat in the right position just by the heart.

Holding the buttonhole onto the lapel with your left hand, turn the lapel exposing the back.

With your right hand, thread the pin through the fabric and through the stem just below the flower heads.

Finish by threading the pin back in the fabric, as if you were making a stitch, at a slight downward angle. Give it a little wiggle to make sure it’s well attached – Hey Presto!

Quick Tip, it is actually easier to get someone else to do it rather than doing it yourself.  Always ask your florist as well, I always offer to help the chaps as it can be quite fiddly especially with the nerves kicking in.

Jemma x

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