Micro weddings or should we call them intimate weddings, I don’t think it matters. So, let’s get started.  What is a Micro-Wedding exactly?  It’s a wedding with no more than 50 guests, usually close friends and your ultimate besties.  Although perfect for these COVID times, micro-weddings were on the up before the pandemic even hit.  You can have all the traditional elements of a large scale wedding or go completely wild and f*ck tradition. That’s the beauty of a micro-wedding, it can be more focused on your wants and needs without having to think about your distant cousin twice removed!  

So here are my Top 5 Reasons to have a Micro-Wedding

  1. Location/Venue – With a smaller group of people many more options are available aside from the more traditional venue.  Restaurants, outdoor spaces and boutique hotels become open to you.  Are you a real foodie, you could have 30 of your favourite people dine at your favourite top restaurant.  Or get married in the woods surrounded by nature and head off somewhere for a luxury afternoon tea.  Many couples also feel it would be a perfect time to spend a whole weekend celebrating, with a much smaller guest numbers it can become a reality..
  1. Flowers –  I could hardly get too far without talking about flowers now could I? Often when faced with a large wedding many couples have grand ideas about flowers, decor and the overall design and look of their day.  However much of the budget gets taken up by venue hire and catering costs for all the guests.  With a smaller wedding, guests costs are considerably lower.  So, if you are design conscious and love dramatic flowers these celebrations can be perfect for going all out with your wedding flowers.  Hanging installations, exuberant table decor and perfect bouquets filled with your favourites.
  1. Your People – I was very lucky to have the big country wedding I’d always dreamed at my family home.  The day was perfect, even with the stormy skies (makes for great photo’s) However with 120 day guests and 50 in the evening it was overwhelming.  Especially by 7pm when I was ready to hit the dance floor with my besties.  Having an intimate wedding means you get to really share your day with your closest people, it will be calmer, more relaxed and you’ll be able to remember so much more. 
  1. Destination Weddings – Aside from our current unprecedented times, with less guests it gives you the opportunity to have the dream destination wedding without the guilt!  Dreaming of a sunset Ibiza ceremony and dancing till sunrise or maybe a large Tuscan Villa filled with your friends and family for a whole weekend?  The options become endless.
  1. Easy Planning – By nature, these smaller celebrations require less planning and less logistical juggling. So if you hate making lots of decisions, don’t enjoy planning and prep work, and/or get anxious over having to handle all the moving pieces that go into a large wedding, an intimate wedding is your solution! By opting for these smaller events, you will have far fewer decisions to make and tasks to accomplish. That means your time from beginning of planning to wedding day can be significantly decreased! All of this translates to a less stressful planning experience – who wouldn’t want that?!

This is just a guide, there are plenty of reasons to have a micro wedding despite being led by Covid. I hope this helps navigate some of the questions you might have.  Please get in touch to discuss your micro-wedding flowers, I would love to be part of your wedding journey and help you create your dream florals.

Jemma x

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