September Wedding Flowers

On 18th September Jen and Gayle finally got married at their stunning farm in Lancashire. A day they had been planning for so long.  It was perfect.  Originally they had wanted to get married in April 2021, but Covid put a stop to that. They settled on September and in my very biased opinion it’s a truly magical time to get married. And the sun shone and shone, in fact, it got to about 26 degrees at one point!

Bride and her bridesmaids with flowers

We spoke back in March, their brief was a florist’s dream, a wildflower look, no particular colour palette and as natural as possible.  With the added bonus of using Dahlia’s, lots and lots of dahlias. They did everything themselves as well as a couple of house builds in between, honestly, I’ve never met such a hard-working couple.

The reception was held at their farm in a gorgeous marquee from Green Farm Weddings  They wanted hanging chandeliers decorated with wildflowers and lots of foliage – so much fun to create and a complete statement. They really wanted the whole thing to feel organic and natural in keeping with their surroundings, nothing too ‘arranged’ or contrived just like the flowers had been there the whole time.

hanging marquee installation

On top of all the building they were doing, Jen and Gayle had a dream of growing as many dahlia’s as possible – suffice to say that didn’t quite work out, they did manage a few but not quite as many for the size of the wedding.  I still wanted to get as much British as possible so I managed to source the most amazing Dahlia’s from Melannie @smallaniesgardenflowers.  They were magnificent. and totally stole the show.

I was on-site for 3 days setting up and really felt part of the whole experience and the family.  Even Penny made an appearance!  When I finally got to deliver the bouquets it was magical.  They were both similar but different with different ribbons to bring it all together. They both looked stunning and all ready to go, with an added highlight of the red arrows flying overhead.

gay wedding couple

Kindly, Jen and Gayle invited me to the drinks reception – in my work gear and all! it was the perfect way to end the day I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that invite. The amazing photos from Jack Hinds really allowed the fun, laughter and happiness to shine through – the party looked epic!

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