Beth and James got married in late June at James’s parents beautiful home nestled in the Sussex countryside. Their garden is nothing short of a floral dream, filled with garden roses, wild foxgloves, rambling roses and much more.  With that in mind, it was really a no brainer to go with a classic English country garden feel.  Beth wanted a neutral palette of green white and blush which was perfect. Oh and arches…all the arches. It’s been a tricky nervous year, but miraculously they managed to keep their original date with no restrictions on numbers.  To say there was a party atmosphere is an understatement.

Wedding sign

Beth and James wanted a really relaxed wedding, at the family home in the garden drinking g&ts and laughing with their friends.  They wanted to focus on two statement pieces, a ceremony arch and a moon gate pampas arch for all the Instagram shots.  Along with some the bridal flowers and some urns – que me swooning!

Brides and bridesmaids flowers white and blush

The wedding was at the other end of the country for me and I got the opportunity to work at the house in the 2 days leading up to the ceremony.  Being around for all the preparations felt really special and quite a unique experience.  It also meant that I was on had to help as much as I could and make changes where needed.  Really I was given free reign to design and forage as much as I wanted from the local fields and garden.

The day started early, and it was hot hot hot – always a challenge with fresh flowers.  There was a hive of activity, the bridesmaids were getting ready super early and there was plenty of groomsmen banter.  Delivering Beth’s bouquet was a highlight, all the planning, chats and inspiration had come together and the bouquet of white peonies was a perfect accompaniment to her stunning dress.

The atmosphere was joyful, the family reunited after a long time getting the chance to celebrate the coming together of two families, something I don’t think we will take for granted again.  Emma at http://www.emmahallphotography.com/ photography was perfect for this beautifully sunny day – she’s an absolute gem and super bubbly.  All the photos featured in this blog are hers and she captured the day perfectly.

Lastly a nod to the very dapper looking groom James, he was so cool, calm and a little nervous but clearly very excited to be marrying Alex.  it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to have worked on this wedding and I wish them a lifetime of happiness

Pampas hoop
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