What a difference a year makes.

This time last year I’d just completed my first couple of weeks at Tallulah Rose Flower School. Nestled in the beautiful Leven’s Hall estate a stone’s throw from Kendal immersed in beautiful flowers – heaven.  We had just entered the 2nd weird lockdown where education was still allowed to go ahead – which we felt very grateful for, it was a perfect way to spend a lockdown!  To say I was nervous was an understatement.  I’d never done anything like this before and had no idea what to expect – plus I had to get my social head on – tricky when you haven’t been with people for such a long time.  

Tallulah rose flower school
Tallulah Rose Flower School

Really I had nothing to be worried about.

Let’s go back a few months/years.  I knew quite some time ago that I wanted to be a florist. I’d gone to an evening class in my early 30s when I was desperate to get out of my recruitment job, alas due to financials it wasn’t until I was 36 with two kids that I reignited the dream.  I went back to college and did my level 2 Floristry course. It certainly paved the way for me to start my business, but it really wasn’t my style and to be frank, I was stuck and buried myself into looking after the kids.

Then March 2020 hit, lockdown with all of us and I realised I wanted and needed more than my gorgeous little family.  I started to immerse myself in all things flowers, listening to various podcasts to Kickstart myself.  Then I listened to Rachel on ‘The Girl Flower Podcast

Jemma Khan owner of Forage arranging flowers
Creating a Winter Arch

I’d often dreamed of doing a 4wk intensive course, however, they were all down south and with a young family, it wasn’t possible.  When I realised Rachel had moved the school to the Lake District I just knew it was meant to be, I’d be able to drive there each day and be home for bedtime.  I signed myself up for the next available 4wk course.  I had 4 long months to wait till Nov.

Walking in on the first day was surreal, we were just a small class of three which was actually perfect.  We had a bench each all set up with our folders, tools and personal biscuit tin (biscuits featured quite heavily during the 4wks stay) and then in the magic corner all the beautiful flowers were there waiting for us.  

Bridal bouquet with colour and texture, pinks, reds and purples
Bright bold Bridal Bouquet

I was completely out of my comfort zone, the last time I’d felt like this was my first day at Uni…a looooong time ago.  A mixture of nerves, excitement, new stationery and a willingness to learn EVERYTHING.  In fact, I learnt more on the first day than I did on my entire level 2 course.  I was totally blown away and didn’t sleep the first night.

The weeks went by quickly in a haze of foliage, scents, creation and colour – plus the occasional doughnut and pizza from the glorious little cafe. From learning the tiniest detail to the large installations like a flower cloud and arch, every moment was a dream – even making a 4ft garland which seemed to take FOREVER.

tallulah rose school room

A year on and I’ve achieved more than I thought possible, it has been hard especially through the pandemic and there have been moments of doubt and fear, however without doubt the course gave me the confidence to carry on and the tool kit to approach any piece no matter how big or small with an open mind and an attitude of ‘I can do it’ I also met the most wonderful people, Emily from Mallow&Moss, Rachael from Sweet Myrtle Farewell Flowers – who happened just to buy a boat in the first week! the lovely Becky from Erda Botanicals and of course Rachel with her passion and support.  Being a Tallulah means so much to me and the community and these special ladies helped me push myself and go for it, giving encouragement all the way.

the tallulah's
Flower Crowns!

Taking that leap, pushing my own boundaries and going for it has changed my life and as I approach the grand old age of 40 I’ve finally found what I want to be. I look forward to this journey and where I end up.  

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