Flower Power!

‘Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul’  Luther Burbank

I’ve been deliberating what to blog about for what seems like ages.  In these very uncertain and changing times I didn’t want to start the year full with weddings when the landscape changes on a daily basis.

Instead I wanted to explore the power flowers have over our lives and how now more than ever they offer so much.  Be that a show of love, appreciation, celebration, support or simply that a loved one is missed. One thing is for sure flowers bring joy and happiness.

We use flowers in some form for our whole lifecycle, from the birth of our little ones, celebrations of achievements, birthdays, weddings and as our final farewell.  They have a symbolic meaning that’s been woven into the fabric of our lives since the Egyptians.  Did you know that Rosemary is the symbol of remembrance? It is so lovely to use it in sympathy work, and I try where I can to incorporate the symbolic meaning of flowers through all my work.

A recent study by Rutgers (University of New Jersey) showed the following in a recent study of the impact of flowers:

  • Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. All study participants, in every age group, expressed excitement when receiving flowers. Reactions included surprise, genuine happiness and gratitude. I have never delivered flowers to someone and it not light up their face. I think us florists have superpowers!
  • Flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.  Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers. They also demonstrated a greater sense of life satisfaction.
  • Flowers create intimate connections. Giving and receiving flowers creates positive contact between family and friends. Flowers on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day and even Father’s day. There is something so special in the gift of sending flowers.

I think it goes without saying that EVERYONE loves to receive a bunch of flowers, I certainly do (although people are pretty reluctant to send me them!).  They also have the power to heal.  They’ve been proven to help patients recovering in hospital, reducing their pain and lowering their blood pressure – pretty cool right?

I don’t want to be too dramatic here, but flowers literally saved me. Back in 2017, I was not in a good place, with two little ones under the age of 2 I was drowning. I had postnatal depression, no purpose and my anxiety was through the roof.  With a lot of encouragement, I enrolled in a night class in floristry.  3hrs a week to myself learning about flowers. It was the best 3hrs of my week.  From there Forage was born.  It has not been easy going, I’m not going to lie, and 3yrs on I’m still navigating the industry.  One thing is for sure though, I found my thing and my passion for flowers grows every day, in fact, it’s now an obsession.

My beautiful cousin who lives in London has to have flowers on her desk, now more than ever working from home.  It significantly increases her mood and lifts her.  They don’t have to be super expensive either, a simple bunch of daffodils is perfect.

They also act as the perfect gift right now, we can’t see each other, we can’t be there for those milestones, or to give a loved one a hug when they might be struggling.  A simple bunch of flowers can change someones day – and also reassure you the sender that you are doing the best you can right now.

So, lets keep flowering on and spread the love

Jem xx

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