Your Wedding Flowers will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your wedding day.  From your bridal bouquet and buttonholes to your table arrangements, flowers are the perfect way to add colour, fragrance and texture into your wedding. Here I would like to offer you 5 reasons why you should choose seasonal flowers for your big day.

Capture the Time of Year 

Nothing says what time of year it is better than the flowers you’re holding on your wedding day.  A vibrant bunch of Ranunculus sings out springtime and soft blousy peonies are an iconic early summer summer bloom.  Choosing seasonal flowers and foliage helps create a classic and timeless look, that will never date.  Even during winter when the trees are bare and the nights are drawing in, it can be just as magical.  For my winter brides there is so much fun to be had, from beautiful berries and twigs, to a room filled with Christmas trees. Simply stunning

Flowers will be at their most Beautiful

When you choose flowers and foliage in their season they are often their strongest and in abundance, it is their time to thrive.  

The Environment

In an increasingly eco-conscious world choosing seasonal flowers is important to bring down our carbon footprint. 90% of flowers in the U.K are imported.  There is a strong resurgence in British grown flowers which is excellent.  Where possible we try to use British, however it’s not always entirely possible – especially here in the North of England where rain features heavily!

However, the selection of British flowers are truly phenomenal and so different from anything you might have seen before at a wedding.  So if you are looking for your flowers to stand out it is a good shout to go for British.

Natural and Flowing

When using seasonal flowers you naturally get a much more organic feel, the flowers are less rigid and will fit into your chosen venue perfectly.  They will compliment the style and feel of your wedding day whilst also blending into nature.  I recently designed a June Garden Wedding where the focus was white garden roses, with the abundance of greenery at that time of year it will look stunning. A perfect reflection of the garden and the style.

They will Remind you of your Wedding Day Every Year

The absolute beauty of choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding day is that when you’re driving, sitting in your garden or going for a walk you will spot something in nature that was part of your big day.  It will fill you with happiness and joy.  Hydrangea featured heavily on my wedding day, and now they are my absolute favourites, they take me back to the happiest day of my life filled with so much love and laughter.

Go Seasonal, it’s awesome!

Jemma x

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