Want a winter wedding but don’t know if it will work, what flowers will be available or will it just be too cold?

Sumptuous Winter Wedding Styling

Fear not, a winter wedding can be absolutely beautiful and magical – yes it might be cold, but you can always prepare for that, think fur hoods, fire pits, mulled wine and blankets.  The creativity is endless. Here are some winter wedding style tips

dark purple hellebore

From a flower perspective, there are plenty of options.  It’s important to go seasonal, choosing flowers and foliage that are in keeping with the time of year.  I would go for a simple palette of greens and white with a touch of blue.  Using textures with twigs, like curly willow, pine cones and berries.  Eucalyptus is in abundance and I would use lots of different types along with beautiful Anemones, Ranunculus and Hellebores.  I would also incorporate thistle and viburnum berries to bring through those gorgeous blue tones, Using velvet for your bridal ribbons will give everything an added element of luxury.  

Classic green and white bridal bouquet, natural and open
Winter Wedding Bouquet

You can also consider deep reds and purples and go really dark,  a great palette for a bolder wedding.  You will be surprised how much you can play with colour whilst still keeping that winter theme throughout.  Using winter berries such as Ilex which come in sumptuous oranges and reds work really well. If your wedding is in or around Christmas, then just go for it, Think lots and lots of Christmas trees covered in lights.  Christmas trees work brilliantly as an entrance and to fill a space to make it magical.  Thinking about wreaths? you could go wreath mad and have them hanging from the ceiling.  Add in candlelight and fairy lights and it will be magical. There is no end to the creativity and ideas for a Winter Wonderland Wedding.  

Christmas tree wedding
Christmas Tree Wedding Decoration
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