Your Autumn Wedding Flowers

It’s no secret that autumn is my favourite season and it’s an awesome time for wedding flowers!, Autumn holds a special place in my heart, it was the time of year I trained to be a florist and It transports me back to school memories, the start of a new term with a smokey smell in the air a fresh new pencil case and notebook – excitement indeed.  Then add in the vibrant colours, natures abundance of berries, texture and golden leaves falling like snow and I’m gone, transported into another world.

selection of dahlia
Dahlia Selection

Autumn really is a fabulous time of year to get married and can be filled with creativity, colour, fruits and texture.  Flowers are still very much in abundance during September and October, from the most exquisite dahlias to end of season hydrangea which change in colour and richness the older they get. It makes me think of warm reception drinks as well – another great idea when getting married at this time of year.

autumnal wedding bouquet
Photo Courtesy of Sam Sparks Photography

Then there is the chrysanthemum, which gets so much bad press but is in fact a quintessential autumn flower, coming into bloom in November to cheer up the darker days.  The colours are vibrant and they vary in so many different shapes and sizes, carrying that all too very familiar chrysanthemum scent.   With that scent in mind, I take you to eucalyptus which is just coming into season and is at its best from Mid Oct to January.  Perfect for that autumnal/winter wedding.  Decent quality eucalyptus is challenging to source in the summer, but you can really make the most of it in autumn and winter littering it in all your arrangements and using it as a standout material in your arches.

urn filled with autumn flowers

Autumn is not a season I traditionally associate with white and green wedding flowers. Although they work at any time of year, it’s a classic.  It’s a time of year to celebrate colour, earthy tones and be inspired by nature doing its thing!  Think about using Dahlia, Craspedia, Amaranthus, Snowberries, Rose Hips, Crab Apples, Hypericum and Viburnum.

autumn urn

Once you have your venue booked and a colour palette in mind we can work together to create your unique autumnal wedding flowers, it will be so much fun and with so many options of flowers and foliage’s it will be absolutely standout beautiful, relaxed and stylish.  Get in touch now to book your free consultation for your autumn wedding flowers.

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